Kamis, 13 Agustus 2015

harry is so weird to me and always turned on that i can’t rly imagine him doing normal shit, i mean i can but i still see it in the most Harry Styles ™ way possible, like hair blowin in the wind while waiting for his food in the microwave despite no wind blowing cos he’s in a damn house, in skinny jeans and a sheer £1000 shirt while sorting his laundry, juggling fruit in the supermarket, leaving a tray of home baked goods for the housekeeping staff with a little note saying they’re gluten free….. also lots of nudity and strange noises 

Harold. My tiny son. My 6 foot tall tiny rich son. My son who wears boots that could pay my car note. My son that tweets nothing but two syllable words and only takes aesthetic black and white pictures. My tiny weird son that spits water on innocent bystanders. I love you. 

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