Kamis, 13 Agustus 2015

Dating Harry Would Include:

- really bad jokes on a regular basis
- incredibly hot sex hair (plus also holding his curly locks during sex omfg)
- getting to braid his hair when you’re bored
- him showing you what he just learned to play on guitar
- going skinny jean shopping together (sorry it had to be said)
- watching chick flicks and crying together
- curling up against his back (because you would be big spoon)
- hearing his low raspy voice saying that he loves you in the morning before he leaves for work
- oh god his shower singing voice 
- wearing his button downs always
- when you get really excited and he just throws you over his shoulder and walks out of the room with you because you’re embarrassing but he still wants people to know you’re his
- taking selfies oh jesus
- Niall taking cute candids of you together because he’s a fangirl nerd
- seeing him sweaty after a workout
- him singing little things to you when you’re upset and curled up in his lap
- holding his (large) hand everywhere you went
- feeling 100% loved 100% of the time because he would remind you every other minute

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